The Clayesmore Society: Committee, Rules and AGM

The Clayesmore Society Committee includes representatives from the Old Clayesmorian Society, Friends of Clayesmore and Prep School Parents’ Association and meets at intervals throughout the year to arrange events for members and opportunities for networking.

The Society holds an Annual General Meeting every year. The Rules of the Society may be downloaded below.

The Committee is currently composed as follows: –

  • Mrs Fran Deeming, Governor (Chair)
  • Mrs Jo Thomson, Head
  • Mr Jonathon Anderson, Head of Prep
  • Mrs Amanda Hughes, DFO
  • Mr David Fangen, Old Clayesmorian
  • Mrs Marcia Higgs, Governor and former parent
  • Mrs Michelle Complin, parent
  • Mrs Judi Tipping, parent
  • Mrs Suzanne Chinnock, Prep Head of English
  • Mrs Jane Angell, parent & Chair of the Friends of Clayesmore
  • Ms Catherine Jacks, Head of Careers
  • Mrs Sarah Kerr, Development Manager
  • Mrs Nadine Lewin, Chair of Prep PA
  • Mr Darron Ayles, Finance Dept and Treasurer


Clayesmore Society AGM 2019

Rules of the Society June 2017

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