Clayesmore pupils take part in Poppy of Honour project


Pupils from Year 9 and 10 at Clayesmore were pleased to get involved in the Poppy of Honour project recently, helping to write the details on 1800 poppies as part of the project. 

The Poppy of Honour is a commissioned, steel and glass sculpture, over 8 feet tall, created to remember the 1,115,471 fallen heroes of World War I. Each sculpture is filled with paper poppies, each bearing the handwritten name of every individual killed or missing in action. The poppies are permanently sealed inside the sculpture, along with vials of soil from the battlefields of every continent involved in the war, as a memorial to all who sacrificed their lives. The sculpture was unveiled on 6 October at a public ceremony in Wincanton. The project has been run entirely by volunteers, with the support of the Royal British Legion