Clayesmore pupils bounce their way into National Trampolining Championships

Three Clayesmore Prep pupils represented the School in the National IAPS trampolining competition.

Head of Games, Mr Tom Manley, writes:

“Three Clayesmore Prep pupils took part in the National IAPS Trampolining competition at the Royal Russel School in Croydon on Saturday 19 May. This was the first ever time Clayesmore have competed at the event and Millie (Y7), Elodie (Y6) and Harriet (Y5) did themselves and the School proud.

“In a high quality field the girls showed tremendous courage and determination in what were highly pressurised circumstances. However, all their early morning training sessions paid off as the girls finished all of their ten bounce routines to the delight of the large crowd watching. Roll on next year when we hope to take a larger squad to represent Clayesmore.”