Prep School Trips, Visits and Excursions

Clayesmore is incredibly lucky to be situated in the outstandingly beautiful county of Dorset, and to have all that this south coast county has to offer.

There are countless places for our children to visit to enhance their learning including the coastal areas, woodlands, country houses and parks, farms, theatres, exceptional museums, historic buildings and sites and the ever popular animal sanctuaries.

In the Pre-Prep, trips are planned regularly, not only to enhance the topic led curriculum which we teach, but also to broaden knowledge and understanding of the local environment in which the children live.

Moving up to the Prep School, in addition to the busy programme of day trips, organised by each year group to support the curriculum, there are a number of opportunities for travel.

The Year 7 pupils make an annual visit to Normandy to support their French and history studies. They get the chance to visit sites of historical interest and to try out their language skills in the markets and shops.

At the end of the exam period in Year 8, an adventure activity trip is always planned. In recent years, the school has visited an outdoor pursuits centre in Cornwall.

Year 5 have the opportunity of an activity week in the Forest of Dean each year, and in Years 3-4, the pupils go off to Hooke Court near Dorchester for two nights to spend time discovering technology and/or science based activities.

All the children love to get out and see their learning in action. They really get stuck in and always come back buoyant, bright and ready to learn more.

Trips, Visits and Excursions