Prep School Music and Drama


Music is a deeply enriching feature of the school’s life with over 70% of pupils playing an instrument. Many do so to very high standards, reaching grade 6 and above in examinations, and some achieve regional and national places in orchestras and choirs. All children are given an introduction to instrumental music. In Year 3, the children can learn the recorder, in Year 4, the violin and in Year 5, the ukelele, all at no additional cost.

There are regular concerts and at any time there are a considerable number of ensembles in rehearsal so that as many children as possible gain pleasure from the experience of shared music-making. There is an orchestra of considerable size and quality, a long tradition of choral music based around the chapel and regular tours.

Tuition is available on all orchestral instruments, singing, piano, electric guitar, bass guitar, classical guitar,percussion and even bagpipes. There is also no reason why a tall enough pianist of some ability should not learn the organ – we have a magnificent four-manual organ in the school chapel!

Altogether, it is difficult to imagine that a school could offer more breadth of opportunity for individual or group music making and, certainly, our prime objective is to help young people to enjoy their music making to the full. Above all it is ‘cool’ to be a musician at Clayesmore Prep!

Click here to listen to some pupil performances.


Two drama productions – one for the juniors and one for the senior year groups – are staged each year in our 200 seat theatre that is shared with the Senior School. These popular productions provide a wonderful opportunity to combine acting and music, as well as the talents of set designers and technical crew.

They also give children the chance to get involved in the exciting the process of ‘putting on a show’! Recent vibrant productions have included ’Oliver!’, ’Calamity Jane’, ’The Rocky Monster Show’ and ’Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’.

Music and Drama