The Prep School has its own Health Centre within the main Prep building, and a team of qualified nurses take responsibility for the boarders’ medical welfare and deal with any mishaps that may occur to day pupils during their busy day.

Parents may like to meet with the Sister in charge if their child has any specific health concerns. One of the school doctors visits Clayesmore daily.

The boarders receive much more than medical care from the Nursing Staff and Matrons, all of whom are highly involved in their care and welfare – in fact they are more like “super-mums”! Everyone understands that things like a sudden feeling of homesickness or overtiredness can take the edge of a bouncy child’s usually sunny disposition. Hugs and cuddles are freely prescribed. As far as is humanly possible we aim to be proactive in all pastoral and medical matters and thus pre-empt many problems from arising in the first place. A couple of early nights when everyone is tired towards the end of term can make all the difference in the world – just like grandma would expect!