Every girl and boy achieves academic success at Clayesmore Prep by working at a level that suits their capabilities, in small classes, where they can benefit from plenty of individual attention amid the dynamics of class participation.

We follow the National Curriculum but with a more broad-based and creative approach. In the junior department, the form teacher conducts lessons but there is also specialist teaching for Music, French, Games, PE, Swimming, Design Technology and Art throughout the school from the Pre-Prep upwards.

Computing and Design Technology are also incorporated into every child’s timetable. In Years 5 – 8 the children are taught entirely by subject specialist staff and Latin is taught to the top sets in Years 7 and 8. The setting and streaming system is a key feature of academic life, designed practically to provide a tailor-made education for each individual.

In Years 3 – 5 the children are set in the core subjects of Maths and English. In Years 6 – 8 a mixture of setting and streaming takes place into one of two or three groups.

There is a wide range of sports available. Every pupil is given the opportunity to represent the school, and a number of pupils compete at county and above. Specialist music tuition in many instruments is a strength of the school: at least two thirds of pupils learn a musical instrument. The choir has around 50 members and every pupil sings regularly. There are many opportunities to develop and demonstrate musical skills with master classes, competitions and tours abroad. Drama classes and theatre performances allow pupils to achieve great success and there are a variety of additional specialist art classes to inspire our creative pupils.

The Tutor System

In Years 3 and 4, the form teacher takes principal responsibility for the pupils. When they move through to Year 5, the children start being taught by subject specialist teachers and this continues through to Year 8. Personal tutors are allocated to small groups in Year 5 through to Year 6, and then again in Years 7 and 8.

The role of the tutor is the lynchpin to the success and happiness of each pupil. Tutors are there to monitor academic progress and motivate pupils but, more importantly, to offer support on every level, including guidance and friendship whenever it is needed.

Pupils see their tutors twice a day and they ensure that all pupils are given enough time to get help, share their experiences and discuss any worries they may have.