Boarding at Clayesmore Prep School

Situated within two hours of London and boasting a beautiful 62 acre site in the best of the British countryside, Clayesmore Prep school is the perfect place to begin boarding school life. Whether your child is starting out in the junior years, gearing up for the 11+ or preparing for the transition to Senior School (13+), Clayesmore offers a first class education, with the added advantage of being surrounded by friends 24 hours a day! We have over 70 girls and boys boarding with us, who are cared for by a devoted team of House Staff whose priority is to provide a home-from-home environment in the beautiful surroundings of Dorset.

When your son or daughter becomes a boarder here you can be sure of two things: the pastoral care is excellent and the activities programme is very full. Every evening is cheerful and weekends are busy. Your child’s House Parents, Simon and Jess Porter, are experienced teachers and they will look after every aspect of a boarder’s life alongside their team of tutors, matrons and nurses. 

Simon, Jess and their children also live in the boarding house whilst the Head and his wife have a house on the school grounds: all are fully involved in the children’s daily lives and activities.

At weekends, after chapel, there are matches on Saturday afternoons and in the evening a film, games, pizza night or time with friends, just like at home. Boarders also make good use of the swimming pool, sports pitches and the adventure playground. Every Sunday, the children set off on an expedition – whether that’s driving to the coast for beach games, visiting the Haynes Motor Museum or Monkey World.  Time spent on-site is equally entertaining, with activities taking place around the grounds, including big tree climbing (with ropes), exciting karaoke competitions, or simply enjoying a summer barbecue.

Travelling by car takes less than two hours from London to Clayesmore via key routes. Alternatively, pupils can travel by train from Waterloo to Salisbury and be taken to school via our taxi and mini bus services.

If you would like to find out more about boarding at Clayesmore Prep School, we would be delighted to welcome you to visit. Please contact Margaret McCafferty who manages all applications to our Pep School. She would be very happy to help and delighted to answer any questions you may have. She can be contacted on or 01747 812122.