Pre-Prep Years

In the Pre-Prep, we offer every child the opportunity to access a broad curriculum with experienced, specialist and dedicated staff who create lessons and activities that take full advantage of the amazing facilities available on our extensive site throughout the year.

Our class sizes and high staff to pupil ratios ensure that all children receive the individual attention they require on a daily basis, particularly in numeracy and literacy. We are able to develop their core skills in each area of the curriculum, and enable every child to progress and achieve at a rate suitable to their ability.

We put enormous emphasis on the importance of books and reading skills. We wholeheartedly believe literacy to be a route to all learning, and we therefore ensure that we read and share stories and information texts with the children at least once every day. The children also have access to the Pre-Prep and main school libraries, and we encourage them to select and borrow books to further their enjoyment and learning opportunities.

Alongside the core curriculum subjects, we also place a great deal of emphasis on the foundation subjects and co-curricular activities. We enjoy watching their confidence grow as they take part in a wide and exciting range of pursuits within the school day and in our after school clubs. The children have numerous opportunities to experience any number of creative, musical and physical activities.

In their Reception year, all of the children work towards completing the Early Learning Goals of the Foundation Stage, and aim to begin working towards Key Stage One by the end of the year. In Years 1 and 2, we follow the National Curriculum. However, here at Clayesmore, we have the great advantage of being able to use the good practice of the National Curriculum but tailor it to suit our children and their needs, offering a diverse curriculum that develops great attitudes to learning, extensive knowledge and understanding. We believe this provides a more inspirational and stimulating learning environment and enables our learners to achieve so much more from their education.

Clayesmore Pre-Prep is a very special place where learning is creative, exciting, challenging, supportive, collaborative and fun. Our children are encouraged to work at their pace, in a safe and caring environment, where the staff understand and believe in them and their abilities, and make it their aim to create the best possible environment for the children to learn.