Music, Drama and Dance

Music at Clayesmore is vibrant and plays a hugely important part of the learning experience for all of the children. As well as developing musical skills and understanding, taught by specialist staff and tailored to all abilities and needs, the children learn to express themselves, work collaboratively and achieve high standards of performance.

The children have numerous opportunities to show their talents to an audience, both as the Pre-Prep and as part of the whole school – most notably taking part in the Prep School House Music competition, which always creates great excitement. The children learn songs and perform at the Harvest Festival, the Christmas play in the main Theatre, the Christmas Crib service in the Chapel, the Spring Concert and the Summer spectacle in the main marquee. These are all attended by family and friends and help to instil confidence in children while celebrating every child for what they achieve.

Alongside the music, the children have opportunities to learn Creative Dance and Ballet.

For our budding musicians who crave more, there are after school groups and from Year 2, the opportunity to have individual instrumental lessons. Click here to listen to some pupil performances.