Activities and After School Clubs

Keeping children busy and stimulated outside the classroom is every bit as important as doing so within it, especially at this young age when their curiosity and need to explore is so pivotal to their growth.

With so much opportunity to leap about, make music, and use their fresh and unhindered creativity, our children hugely enjoy the varied activities we offer them. We have the range of facilities, the freshest of air and widest of spaces for them to enjoy and explore!

After School Clubs

After the school day has finished, our programme of clubs extends the Pre-Prep school day until 5pm. All activities are taught by specialist teachers and children can take part in a rich variety of activities, including for example:

  • percussion
  • art & craft
  • wildlife hunting
  • dance
  • tag rugby
  • hockey
  • tennis
  • football

Equally, those children who wish simply to relax and play with their friends can do just that. A cosy area filled with toys, games and arts and crafts is on offer.

The children staying for After School Clubs are given sandwiches and fruit to keep their energy levels up. Supper is available for those children who wish to stay for the hour from 5pm to 6pm.