How to apply to Clayesmore Prep School

Generally speaking, it is possible to join the Prep School at Clayesmore into any year group of any term during the school year, provided, of course, there is a space.

Ordering a copy of the prospectus and then visiting the School are the first two steps, giving you a chance to see us in action, meet key staff including the Head of Prep School, Will Dunlop, and the Head of Pre-Prep, Charlotte Townsend, if appropriate, and generally learn more about us. This then enables us to gain a really good understanding of your child, or children, and their interests, strengths and needs.

If you have plenty of time in which to make your decision, (two or three years, say), you may prefer to come initially to an Open Day, but it is perfectly normal to arrange a personal visit to meet the Head and have a tour about the campus.

This is simple to arrange and you just need to make a phone call to Sarah, our Prep School Registrar, on 01747 813155. It is entirely up to parents whether they bring their children with them on their first visit. There are benefits to coming on your own the first time, especially if you are looking at a number of schools, and we’re very happy for you to come to see us as often as you like before you make up your mind.

Once you are sure you would like to go ahead and register your son, daughter or family for Clayesmore, we will arrange for them to come and spend a whole day with us. This gives everyone a chance to be sure that we are all doing the right thing, and children always seem to leave us having had a wonderful day and impatient to start! For our part, we will look informally at how he or she gets on during the day – how well they fit in academically, socially and behaviourally – so that we can be reasonably sure that they will be happy and successful if they go ahead and join us.

There is no specific examination for entry into the Prep School – we rely on interview with the Head of Prep and a report from the child’s present school. For children with dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties, we carry out an assessment to make certain that we are able to meet the child’s educational needs.

The application form needs to be completed at this point and returned to us, together with the registration fee of £100. Four terms or so before your child is due to actually join the school (or straightaway if it’s getting rather late in the day!) we will also ask you to pay your deposit to secure the place that we will then keep for your child.

Finally, a word about the Senior School. It is very much the norm for the vast majority of Clayesmore Prep School children to pass seamlessly on from Year 8 at the Prep School into Year 9 at the Senior School. Indeed, this is one of Clayesmore’s major attractions. If it is the case that your child/children will be moving up, there will be a separate Senior School registration form to complete, too, though there is only one registration fee. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and to make the process as simple as possible for you, so please do ask.




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