How to apply to Clayesmore Prep School

Applying to the Prep School is very straightforward and our friendly admissions team will be happy to help. 

Prep Admissions will send you a registration form, and we can arrange for your family to visit for a tour of the school and a meeting with the Head of Prep, Jonathon Anderson. 

Once you have been to visit and decided you would like to progress your application, your child will be invited to a Taster Day (please note, Taster Days/Nights are not available during the Covid pandemic). The Tasters are encouraged as we feel it is important that we get a true sense of the character and abilities of your child and, of course, to ensure that your child will be happy at the school.

Children entering in Year 6 and and above will be asked to undertake an assessment to ensure our academic standards are able to be met. You are very welcome to discuss these assessments with Prep Admissions. For children entering the School in other years we will require a copy of recent school reports.

After we have reviewed academic results and your child has had a successful Taster session, we will formally offer your child a place at Clayesmore Prep. A deposit will be required to secure this place at this stage. Children normally join at the beginning of the academic year in September but we will also consider entry at different points in the year.

Finally, a word about the Senior School. Clayesmore is one of very few independent schools which can offer a seamless education from Early Years to Sixth Form. While some pupils do move onto other public schools after Year 8, most progress onto the Senior school. To move up into Year 9, we will take your child’s academic performance and contribution to school life into consideration before we offer a place in the Senior school. Acceptance is not guaranteed but we find that most of our Prep pupils go on to enjoy all the benefits of our Senior school.

Full details of our admissions policy can be read here.


Prep Admissions Officer:

Mrs Terhi Seuna McMillan

01747 813111




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