Clayesmore marks VE Day

This wonderfully poignant video was put together to mark VE Day, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.  It makes us very proud of our Old Clayesmorians, many of whom lost their lives during the War.


Music: Primavera, by Einaudi, performed by Sasha W (Year 11, Wolverton). This is a live recording from a lunchtime recital in January 2019 – Sasha was in Year 10.

Photography: Clayesmore School Archive

Credit: ‘By the Skin of My Teeth: The Memoirs of an RAF Mustang Pilot in World War II’ By Colin Downes

Lily W performs The Last Post and the Reveille very beautifully in the videos below.

Dominic H performs a wonderful rendition of ‘When the Battle’s O’er’ on the bagpipes.

Clayesmore staff, pupils and their parents perform We’ll Meet Again