Clayesmore Election – the results are in

Pupils in Years 9 and 10 took to the polls this morning, as the school voted in its own election. Following a mock hustings where pupil representatives spoke on behalf of the main political parties and answered questions from the floor, it was time to visit the ballot box and the results were as follows:

49 Votes – The Conservative Party 31 Votes – The Green Party 21 Votes – The Labour Party 50 Votes – The Liberal Democrats 42 Votes – The Official Monster Raving Loony Party 6 Votes – The Scottish National Party

There was in addition, a UKIP candidate, who spoke brilliantly but had not completed the registration process!

Deputy Head, Mr James Carpenter, writes:

“Following a number of recounts… Clayesmore School’s Year 9s and Year 10s would therefore return The Liberal Democrats with what will be the tightest margin in any UK constituency today!

Well done to all those who participated, and particularly to the candidates, all of whom spoke very well indeed.”