Clayesmore Clay Day for Year 10 Artists

Clayesmore Year 10 pupils working with clay at the ceramics workshop
Clayesmore Year 10 pupil designing surface patterns at the ceramics workshop

Clayesmore’s ‘clay day’ for Year 10 Art students was highly creative and productive. Our Head of Art, Mrs Kirsty Mareau-Jones, writes:

“On 5 June, Year 10 Art GCSE students participated in a series of ceramic workshops, devised by our ceramic specialist Ruth Readman. In the morning, some students worked with coloured slips designing surface pattern, whilst others worked to produce press moulded bowls using white and terracotta paper clay. In the sculpture room, Claire Godfree led a sculpture workshop, creating mini seed pod forms and shapes in clay, whilst in the ceramics room another group made pebble forms and decorated them with expressive mark-making, slips and glazes.

“All students had the opportunity to try a different technique in the afternoon. Both students and staff really enjoyed the ‘clay day’. We believe that experiences like these are essential to our students and offer the opportunity to experiment with different techniques and 3D processes. This in turn, promotes a curiosity and understanding of materials. All of the The 3D outcomes from the workshop will feed into coursework projects, and will become part of our students’ GCSE portfolio of work. We can’t wait to see how everything fires in the kiln.”


Clayesmore Year 10 pupil trying their hand at mark-making at the ceramics workshop
Clayesmore Year 10 pupils working with clay at the ceramics workshop