City Lunch and Guernsey Drinks

Last week was a pretty social one for the Alumni Relations department, starting off with the traditional City Lunch at Le Beaujolais, just off Shaftesbury Avenue.

A great group, up for plenty of wine, steak fritesand a spectacular cheese board gathered; there was much banter and jollity and a round of “one minute to tell us your overriding memory of Clayesmore”, which revealed some gems.

Even others in the restaurant became involved when a charming priest, fortified by a good lunch, coffee and brandy, said a marvellous grace for us; then another diner in the corner waited until his departure before announcing he was an Old Gregorian (Downside), prompting much booing and hissing.

All great fun.

Then the department (ahem) headed to Guernsey at the weekend for a very enjoyable drinks party at Stuart Henley’s (1960 – 1963) house, attended by some lovely OCs, some parents and friends.


What a sociable lot you all are! Many thanks indeed for your faultless hospitality and warm, convivial company at both events.