Channel Islands Reunion

Last weekend, Old Clayesmorian, Stuart Henley (1960 – 1963) and his wife, Bridget, very kindly opened the doors of their house in St Peter Port, Guernsey, to a gaggle of OCs, former parents and current staff.

They popped open numerous bottles of champagne and laid on some spectacular nibbles as friends old and new chatted and laughed. It was a great opportunity for Head, Jo Thomson, to make some connections with OCs who had attended Clayesmore before her tenure, so ensuring they would know the door is still very much open to them now that she will prove a familiar face on the other side of it.

At least to those who managed not to fall foul of The Macallan that was being passed around towards the end of the evening, who may struggle to remember who anybody was…

It was great fun and a typically Clayesmorian feeling of joy and goodwill prevailed, as it always does, with Stuart’s enthusiasm in remembering his alma mater extending to the hoisting of a School flag on the drive outside his house. Here’s to next year!