What’s Life Like in Sixth Form?

Your time in Sixth Form is a time like no other. It’s the first point in your education – maybe in your life – that you’re in complete control of your own path. You can choose your next move, how you study and where your studies will take you next. You’ll never forget the fun, the freedom and the friends.


Making the Change from Primary to Secondary School

Moving up into secondary school can be a little daunting – not just for children, but for parents too. There can be lots of unasked questions floating around in people’s minds before the first day of term. Some parents might reflect on their own experiences, and some children might have heard stories about what goes on at “big school” – but it’s important to remember that it’s all part of growth.


Making Memories at Clayesmore

Our memories of Clayesmore grow every day – and with such a rich history behind us, there are plenty of amazing stories to tell. We’re looking forward to all of our present and future students writing their stories; but for today, let’s reflect on some of the most memorable moments at people at Clayesmore.