Building strong foundations in French

French language trip to Le Vercors at Easter 2017

Clayesmore’s Head of French, Mr Cédric Didier writes: 

The Modern Foreign Languages results were strong this summer (for example four As in French A-Level) and students are motivated and confident enough to use their language skills going abroad. Over the past few years, students have arranged to spend lengthy amounts of time in France (Nice) or Spain (Granada) at language schools during their holidays, as well as working in a Michelin starred restaurant in Laguiole, France.
This half term, upper sixth former Alex A is going to France for a week’s work experience in a company specialising in self-building and extending houses using ecological components. He will be able to experience different areas of the company including sales, online  customer support, and knowledge of ecological products in construction. Alex’s French skills will further benefit from staying with the director of this small company and his family, whom we met during our Sixth Form trip to Le Vercors last Easter. It is a great opportunity for Alex allowing him to keep developing his French.
Other students who have put their French in action over the summer include Talia D, also in the Upper Sixth, who spent time in the French Alps training as a chalet assistant.