Back to the Future Day

In a splendid moment of inspiration, Head of Careers, Catherine Jacks, came up with a very good way to help steer her Lower Sixth students in the right direction, post-Clayesmore.

She established “Back to the Future Day”, an event that involved asking some young Old Clayesmorians to return to Iwerne Minster to talk about their early experiences in the world at large after leaving school. Effectively, they were asked to speak about what advice they would give their 17-year-old selves, given what they know now, as young adults.

It was a brilliant plan and our young visitors were fantastic: bright, personable, witty and full of lots and lots of really useful advice for the Year 12s. For their part, the Lower Sixth were fully engaged and asked all sorts of questions on subjects prompted by the OCs’ individual experiences: decision-making, applying for, and life at, university, going straight into the world of work, what apprenticeships are like, gap years…

In addition, we had the benefit of the wisdom of two visiting speakers: Lou Whiting, of Waves Training Solutions, and Susie James, from Limetools, both successful business owners who had come to their careers from wholly different directions, steering a course through life’s ups and downs.

Huge thanks to all the OCs and to Susie and Lou for giving up a Saturday morning to help our pupils. It was generous and kind-hearted and very, very worthwhile.