Attitudes to Learning: The Clayesmore Compass

At Clayesmore Prep, our fundamental aim is to develop pupils’ learning for the 21st Century. Our focus is on the development of a broad set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, work habits and character traits that are believed, by educators, researchers, university professors, and employers, to be integral to success in today’s world. We recognise the importance of equipping our pupils with the tools to become lifelong learners.

Clayesmore’s Attitudes to Learning is a pupil-centred initiative which promotes self-reflection, personal challenge and regular, purposeful discussion between the pupils, their teachers, tutors and parents. 

We have chosen key attitudes that we are keen to help our pupils develop: conscientiousness, curiosity, collaboration and courage for junior pupils from Reception to Year 5. We add consideration and creativity for older pupils in Years 6 to 8.

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