Articulate Ellie takes Clayesmore to the next level in a national art appreciation contest

Clayesmore student Ellie C (Y12) was selected to the next stage of the ARTiculation Prize.

Lower Sixth Former Ellie C participated in the ARTiculation Prize pre-heat on Wednesday evening at St Swithun’s School in Winchester. This was the first time a Clayesmore pupil took part in this prestigious national competition around public speaking and art critique, and we are delighted to announce that Ellie was selected to move forward to the regional heat at Roche Court in March.

Clayesmore’s Head of Art, Kirsty Mareau-Jones, described Ellie’s presentation:

“Ellie was well prepared and presented her talk with sensitivity and confidence under pressure. Her subject matter was the photograph ‘Afghan Girl’ by Steve McCurry, which she analysed and compared to Renaissance paintings, whilst also investigating the historical importance of it, and how it has become an iconic image of the Afghan war.”

She continued about the event in general: “We enjoyed the evening tremendously. There were some very insightful presentations, and I think it is an excellent event for our students and Clayesmore to be a part of. My thanks go to Ruth Readman for developing this as a new initiative in the Sixth Form.” 

Referring to her public speaking experience, Ellie said: “I’d never done anything like that before, but I loved it.”

The ARTiculation Prize is the Roche Court Educational Trust’s national public speaking initiative, which advocates the appreciation and discussion of art and provides young people with a forum in which they can express their ideas on art. The national competition attracts around 4,000 young people a year from ten regions in England, four in Scotland and four in Ireland.

ARTiculation is partnered with the University of Cambridge and the finals take place at Clare College, Cambridge. Universities recognise it for the extensive research, communication and presentation skills that it entails, and students can use ARTiculation to support their A-levels and other awards and qualifications in their applications.

Afghan Girl, the iconic photograph by Steve McCurry, critiqued in the ARTiculation Prize preheat by Clayesmore student Ellie (Y12).
Afghan Girl, the iconic photograph by Steve McCurry, which Ellie analysed and presented in the ARTiculation Prize pre-heat.