Art Department explore contemporary artworks and techniques

It’s been a busy week of art at Clayesmore Senior School. Head of Art, Kirsty Mareau-Jones, describes the Sixth Form trip to the Frieze London in Regent’s Park last weekend, and the Year 10 Drawing Day on Wednesday 10 October:

Sixth Form trip to Frieze London

Year 12 and 13 artists visited the Frieze Art Fair in London’s Regent’s Park. The fair brought together 160 different galleries from around the world along with the artists they represent. There was excitement even as we approached the fair, as we walked past classical fountains that were cascading fluorescent green water. These were displayed with large sculptures that had been placed in Regent’s Park. The shows inside Frieze were very exciting, contemporary and new. There was also a real buzz within the exhibition spaces which gave us a tantalising glimpse into the world of contemporary art. All genres were represented from performance art to oil paintings. Some work was challenging, some was welcoming. Our students commented on the diversity of the artworks, but also in the public visiting. There were so many nationalities, cultures and sections of society, which along with the visual experience, made it feel as if we had traveled much further than London.



Year 10 Drawing Day

Back at School on Wednesday, our Year 10 artists participated in a Drawing Day. They spent a day in the Art department exploring different ways of mark making and drawing. The students made their own tools, and explored new ways of drawing with non-conventional materials. As well as creating abstract responses, they also worked on drawings that responded to the natural environment around Clayesmore. Inks, charcoal, graphite, chalks and collage were used over the course of the day and students were encouraged to reflect on their work as it progressed. It was a very productive day for all involved and we enjoyed seeing our Year 10 artists immersed in the drawing process.