Arkwright Scholarship Trust award for former pupil George Lacey

Copyright © 2016 Andrew Wiard

We are proud to announce that an Old Clayesmorian, George Lacey, has been awarded an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship and the RAF Halton Apprentice Award in recognition of his “outstanding potential as a future leader in engineering”. George was presented the award at the RAF Club in London in early November by the Deputy Chairman of the RAF Halton Apprentice Association Denis O’Brien.

George received a financial award of 300 pounds from the Arkwright Scholarship Trust, and Clayesmore will be paid the first year’s school financial award in its capacity as his school during the time of the scholarship.

Moving forward, the aspiring engineer George is due to go on leadership courses at RAF Cranwell in February and July next year, and we wish him all the best for his chosen career in the future. Keep us updated on your news!