Georgia accepted onto Architecture Summer Drawing School


Congratulations to Georgia, Year 12 who has been accepted onto the Architecture Summer Drawing School to be held at Hauser and Wirth in Bruton.

Georgia was selected from a competitive field of applicants, from across the country to participate in a one-week residential course in August 2019. She will receive expert tuition from university lecturers and the opportunity to explore architecture in more depth. Georgia was asked to submit a statement about her favourite space, alongside a digital portfolio of work.

When it came to her favourite space, she wrote about the Alhambra Palace, which she first visited on the school Spanish trip in Year 11.


‘I discovered my favourite place whilst on a class trip to the idyllic and historical town of Granada, where I visited the famous Alhambra Palace. As soon as I entered the architectural phenomenon, I was in awe of the many colours and shapes which were hidden within the enthralling structure of the palace. As well as this, the range of patterns which were engraved on the walls were also intriguing; they evidently held a lot of depth and history. As the light shone onto the walls, it lit up all the rooms, creating a sublime atmosphere. I loved the continual arches which rose over each doorway, as they created a grand effect, an invitation, a question; the windows also contained many intricate holes which let the light flood into the space. The reddening of the sharp and smooth walls developed a dramatic contrast between the vast greenery surrounding the palace, and I found this especially interesting, as the structure was so encapsulating that it seemed as though it was growing with the vegetation. The ceilings were particularly compelling, as the vaulted coverts made the interior space bigger and more open.’