Archie completes Cadet Leadership Course

Clayesmore Upper Sixth Former Archie's awards for completing the Cadet Leadership Course.

Upper Sixth Former, Archie, completed his Cadet Leadership Course in the Easter holidays. It was a full week, involving several days of training in the Longmoor Military Camp in Hampshire followed by putting it all into practice in the last two days out in the field.

The first two days started with a variety of sports – rugby ball passing, hockey, football, cricket, basketball with boxing gloves, and a strange version of netball – and the afternoons consisted of STEM tasks, such as building a barrack. Working in teams, the cadets were asked to choose an area in which to design a barracks to suit the Corps they were assigned, keeping to a 250 million pound budget. Archie’s Corps was the Royal Signals stationed in Inverness. He was the team leader in this task, with a designer, a public affairs officer and a finance manager in his team. They won the competition, beating the rest of the platoon. The same day included a leadership briefing dedicated to explaining the main principles, values, leadership behaviours, standards and leadership styles to the Cadets in greater detail.

The afternoon of the second day was spent at Sandhurst, which Archie described as a real treat with a tour around the parade square, the main building where the Sovereign’s parade finishes, the old Chapel and the Memorial Chapel.

The practice days in the field centred around training in built up areas, or TIBUA, where the Cadets learned about many ways of gaining access to a building, clearing and defending buildings, as well as clearing a thick wood or forest off enemy forces. They were instructed by Irish Rangers and also practiced clearing a building against them. One drill involved an operation under simulated fire, rescuing a man who had been ambushed whilst repairing a tank.

The Cadet Leadership Course culminated in a passing out parade and presentation of the awards. Summing up his experience from the course, Archie said: “I felt that I learned an incredible amount about leadership with different approaches and styles of commanding, and I would like to thank Mr Rockett for organising me to go on this course.”