Annual 10 Mile Cup honours go to Gate and Wolverton

10 Mile Cup 2019

Sporting Events Manager, Mr Chris Humpage reports on an exciting 10 Mile Cup competition: 

Perfect weather set the scene for some fast times and close competition in the 10 Mile Cup this year. In the boys’ race, Gate established an early lead of nearly 2 minutes in the first 3 legs over Manor in second and Devine third. On the fourth leg Manor closed the gap by 30 seconds after a fast leg by Conor, but on leg 5, Tim H ran the ninth all-time fastest for a Year 13 pupil in 5.32 to increase Gate’s lead to 2minutes 16 seconds over Manor in second. The lead continued to grow to nearly four minutes by leg 9 after Angus ran the third fastest lap of the day in 5.30, the eighth fastest all-time by a Year 13. Manor remained in second, 2 minutes 30 seconds ahead of Devine, but their advantage had been reduced by 30 seconds after a fast lap from Fred C. Going into the last leg, Gate had a 3.56 lead which was further increased after Josh S ran the fastest time of the day in 5 minutes 10 seconds and the third fastest all-time by a Year 10. Devine started leg ten 21 seconds behind Manor, but Alex D’A ran the second fastest lap of the day in 5.21, the sixth fastest of all-time for a Year 13 pupil to claim second place for Devine. The winning time of 57.19 was the fastest all-time team time and the boys’ 10 Mile Cup winners for 2019 were Gate.

In the girls’ race Wolverton went into the lead on the first leg, but King’s quickly regained it on the second leg after Ella ran the fastest girls’ lap of the day in 6.45, the sixth fastest of all time for a Year 10. Over the next four legs, King’s held a small lead of twenty seconds, but this increased to 50 seconds on leg six after Anna P ran the second fastest lap of the day, just one second behind Ella, in 6.46 and the seventh fastest all time by a Year 10. Going into leg 10, King’s lead had been stretched to 1.51, but a fast lap by Elsa C had brought the lead down to just 15 seconds at the halfway point. With 500m to go, Wolverton had regained the lead and Elsa’s eventual time of 6.50 was the third fastest of the day and the second fastest of all-time by a Year 13. The winners of the girls’ 10 Mile Cup 2019 were Wolverton.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the runners for making such a great competition.