Our Adventures at Hooke Court, by Years 3 and 4

All set for a big adventure, Years 3 and 4 were off to Hooke Court for their residential trip. With a host of fascinating activities on offer, Hooke Court in West Dorset is the perfect setting for experiences outside the classroom. Shelter building in the woods involved team work and lots of initiative. War dances were perfect for warding off the enemy who might attack at any time!

In the morning, little hands got busy scavenging. Everyone enjoyed cooking the food they had found on campfires. There was vegetable soup, sweet and savoury breads and the children even prepared a chicken and a trout. Nettle soup might not have sounded very appetizing but everyone was prepared to taste and try! No campfire is complete without singing, of course, and there was lots of singing to be had, with the funny songs proving very popular.

Scientific boat building was a brilliant activity which was completed in groups; the boys and girls enjoyed testing their craft on the moat. Oh, and there were races too, of course – no need to travel to Oxford or Cambridge; just pop along to Hooke Court! The low ropes course was tricky and complex but Clayesmore Prep pupils never turn down a challenge – Tarzan would have been proud! Orienteering was great fun too and a great test of the children’s collaborative skills. Shell craft drew on the children’s artistic talents – there was such a variety of shells from which to choose and decorate boxes.

Here, the children in Years 3 and 4 describe their adventures in their own words:

“I am going to miss Hooke Court. My best bit was probably the campfire singing. It was brilliant.” Harriet

“I really loved Hooke Court because I enjoyed learning about how to scavenge and cooking with the food that we found.” Daisy

“At Hooke Court I enjoyed the low ropes because of the complex but fun obstacles.” Olivia

“At Hooke Court I really enjoyed boat making and racing them and seeing other designs.” Percy

“The low rope was hard but my favourite part of the course was the tightrope.” Sonny

“I loved my dorm and the food.” Matthew

“On the second day we had a campfire. I liked it because we sang lots of jolly songs. Izzy

“I loved Simon’s campfire singing. It was my best bit, especially the war dance.” Edward

“At Hooke Court I loved how we all went together in dorms. I was in Snowdrop. I liked the scavenger hunt because I love cooking at home, this was a different type of cooking and I made the bread.” Emily K

“I was very happy that we did cooking, I chopped up a whole cabbage!” Cody

“My favourite bits were doing shelter building because I learnt how to build a den safely.” Ben R

“I thought it was really fun gutting a fish!” George T