And the Academy Award goes to…

… An OC! Yes, here is a photo of Old Clayesmorian, Nina Williams (Prep then Wolverton, 2000 – 2009), holding the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, won this year by the company she works for, MPC, for its work on The Jungle Book.

After leaving Clayesmore, Nina read Computer Science and Maths at Oxford Brookes and then went on to do a Masters in Advanced Computing with Creative Technology at Bristol. She has since been working as a software developer for MPC (the Moving Picture Company), in London, and has been involved with various projects, including Ghostbusters and the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, as well as the Oscar-winning remake of the famous Rudyard Kipling story.

We think this is a first for an OC and we’re thrilled to hear of it. Well done, Nina!