A Greener Clayesmore

Clayesmore became a local pioneer of greener fuel in 2016, when the antiquated heating system was replaced with the installation of a bang-up-to-date biomass district heating system in 2016. With two boilers, fired by wood chip sourced locally from the nearby Ranston estate, the biomass is doing a great deal to improve Clayesmore’s environmental credentials. Previously, being in a rural location and away from the gas main, we had to rely on oil and LPG to fuel our boilers; now, it’s all coming from this one source on the site, with the heat being distributed right across the campus.

We installed solar photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the Sports Centre and the Design & Technology extension with the aim of generating enough renewable energy to meet around 9% of our annual electricity consumption. You can see how our PV panels are doing today:

In the Sports Centre

On the DT Building

Clayesmore is constantly reviewing its vehicle fleet and currently runs a number of little electric buggies to carry maintenance staff and materials around the site, making savings on fuel and even further progress towards a smaller carbon footprint.

In 2018 CHEERS (Clayesmore Helping the Environment by Effective Recycling Sorting group) was launched in both Prep and Senior Schools. This is a joint enterprise involving pupils, academic and support staff which aims to get everyone involved in the effort to make the school more sustainable. To date this has included a campaign against Single Use Plastics (Time’s up for SUP!), one to encourage everyone to turn off lights when they leave a room (Switch Off and Save) along with assemblies to encourage pupils to increase recycling and reduce food wastage wherever possible. 

Not bad for a corner of the Dorset countryside!