Starting at Clayesmore

We are delighted to welcome all international students who want to join us here for their education. All we ask is that those who are not native speakers of English have a sufficient understanding of the language to ensure they can participate fully in academic life and, indeed, in the social life of the school.

Our EAL (English as an Additional Language) Department at Clayesmore is run by highly specialised and experienced staff and offers students a fantastic opportunity to improve their English skills.

Once an initial assessment has taken place, lessons are arranged according to an individual’s needs and are conducted in small groups or on a one-to-one basis. We will recommend the level and certificate an international student will be working towards, and will also take into consideration previous exams they have passed and any other relevant information. 

A student’s progress is then carefully monitored and EAL staff members liaise closely with other subject teachers on a regular basis to ensure they get all the support they need. We also provide further pastoral support and are particularly sympathetic to young people who have undertaken an educational, cultural and social adventure in a land that is foreign to them.

To enable a student to access the school academically and socially from Year 9, we recommend that their level of English is already at B1/Preliminary Level on entry. Before coming to Clayesmore, some students enrol on an intensive summer course to prepare them for entry in September. Alternatively, it is also possible for a student to work towards B1 Level at Clayesmore in Year 9. For entry into Sixth Form, a student will, ideally, need to have B2/First Certificate Level on entry.