Our Admissions office is open. Please email admissions@clayesmore.com

Clayesmore has always welcomed international students from across the world. 

Because our Prep and Senior School are located alongside each other on one, safe campus, we can offer places to the whole family. This means brothers and sisters can go to school together in one place and, when the time comes, there is one seamless transition from the Prep into the Senior School at age 13. 

A range of nationalities are represented at Clayesmore, including Austrian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Hong Kong Chinese. They make a wonderful contribution to school life and these interactions enrich the experience for everyone. 

Our experienced teachers help all students improve their English skills. Following an initial assessment, lessons are conducted according to each student’s needs, either one-to-one or in small groups. Students are encouraged to develop their skills at their own pace to ensure that they feel comfortable and can benefit from all that is on offer at Clayesmore.

To download our international prospectus, please click here

Our ethos is:

  • to enable overseas students to feel welcomed and supported and to help them settle happily into their new environment
  • to raise a student’s competence in the English language in order to minimise any disadvantage of being a non-native speaker within an academic environment
  • to encourage overseas students to integrate and to play a full part in the academic, co-curricular and social life of the school to build confidence, broaden their horizons and allow them to get to know students from different cultural and national backgrounds
  • to provide students with the opportunity to work towards internationally-recognised qualifications in the Cambridge English Suite of examinations
  • to provide support to individual students in core subjects, on an ad hoc basis, when required
  • to equip students with functional language and a range of vocabulary to access the full curriculum
  • to encourage students to develop their study skills and techniques to enable them to maximize their performance in English
  • to equip pupils with the relevant language entry requirements and qualifications stipulated by institutions of higher education, including Cambridge English C1-C2, IELTS and SAT

An important note on guardians

All international students are required to have a guardian in the UK at the time of joining the school. This is essential. The School can provide a list of guardianship agents on request.

Visa requirements to study in the UK

We recommend that all parents check the latest visa requirements to study in the UK

Hong Kong BNO Status

The latest advice from the UK government is that dependants (under 18 years old) of families from Hong Kong holding BNO status are able to study in the UK without the need for a Tier 4 visa and may join the school as a day pupil if their parents are permanently residing in the UK. Click here for more information from the UK government.

We strongly advise all international pupils to seek visa advice from their Agent or a reputable visa advisory service. Clayesmore admissions staff are not qualified to act as a visa advisory service, however, we do issue the CAS required for Tier 4 visas.