Healthy Eating at Clayesmore School

We take our food very seriously at Clayesmore and our catering department is legendary. From the tiniest tots in the Nursery right up to the beefiest Upper Sixth Former, we provide a balanced diet so that children (and staff!) have lots of energy to get on with the demands of their day.

A wide range of food is provided at all meals. At breakfast, in addition to a range of cereals, toast, milk, juices, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, a cooked meal is served.

Lunch is almost a festival of nutrition in its own right! There is always a choice of the main course hot dishes, which might include a traditional roast, a curry, fish pie, chicken fajitas, for example, or ricotta and spinach strudel or stuffed peppers as vegetarian options, with lots of freshly prepared vegetables.

There is also a hot snack bar and a salad bar, where up to five or six main course salads are served every day, together with a range of 12 or so side salads. Puddings range from traditional crumbles and pies through to yoghurts, and there is always fresh fruit on hand.

Supper follows later. Again, this is another cooked meal supplemented with plenty of fresh fruit.

In addition to all this, our Match Teas have virtually entered local folklore, all baked on site. We are lucky to be situated an an area of amazing produce suppliers, and the majority of our food is sourced from the South West of England. 

We consider ourselves “Never Knowingly Underfed… !”