All aboard for some Titanic drama

With its elegant wood panelling and circular balcony, the second-class drawing room of RMS Mauretania was a sight to behold, and one which must have been enjoyed by thousands of privileged passengers during the ship’s lifetime. On Tuesday, pupils in Year Seven got to step inside this very drawing room and experience its wonders and luxury for themselves. . .

The Boat House in Hamworthy is built around the some of the original fixtures and fittings of this famous ship. As part of their English project on RMS Titanic, pupils spent the morning ‘aboard’ RMS Mauretania, a Cunard Liner very similar to the doomed Titanic. In such authentic surroundings and with such a creative year group, it will come as no surprise that the quality of the morning’s drama was exceptional. Pupils created memorable still images, haunting soundscapes and distorted nightmare sequences where the tragedy of the once-great ship was captured through the consciousness of a sleeping ‘survivor’.

We are very grateful to Mrs Ritchie’s parents-in-law for the use of such a unique setting. Well done, Year Seven, the tragedy of the ill-fated Titanic was encapsulated so evocatively.