A fragrant asset to Dorset

Last Saturday, a mixed group from the Clayesmore Society (parents, an OC, a Governor and other friends) attended a superb workshop at Parterre at Keyneston Mill, near Blandford.

Called “An Introduction to Perfume and Botanical Extracts”, the course, led by owners Julia and David Bridger, took us through the process of smell, connected to brain activity and memory, leading to the ways a scent is put together and then the more scientific methods of extracting oils from the plants to make the perfume.

Parterre uses a Master Perfumer in Grasse, Provence, the traditional home of fragrance, and has the guidance of a former maker of Chanel No5 at its disposal. Needless to say, the results are spectacular and a number of the party took full advantage of the special discount offered on the day and bought some.

The course was rounded off by a delicious lunch in “The Scented Botanist” cafe (where all members can use their cards to get 15% off any time they visit).

This ever-evolving venture is only going to get better and better as the gardens mature and the range of scents on offer grows. There is an excellent shop and, in the summer, outdoor cinema, to compliment the gardens and cafe and it’s well worth a look if you’ve not been.

If nothing else, you’ll come away smelling fantastic.