Year 10 cyclist Nathaniel takes to the hills

Nathaniel Cycling

The Easter holidays provided a fantastic opportunity for Year 10 pupil, Nathaniel to pursue his love of cycling: 

He won his first Under 16 race in Bath in March. He then raced at Castle Combe on Good Friday in a big regional race. The weather on this day was awful, and he spent most of the race tucked into the group before making a last minute sprint to victory. This was followed with another race at Thruxton on Bank Holiday Monday where he picked up more points. 

In early April Nathaniel attended an RSR (Regional School of Racing) session in Bath. This is a coached session for riders in the region that are showing promise in races. Then it was off to Scotland. The first day’s racing just over 40 miles, with hills. He came 49th out of 80 in this race. Day two was a team time trial, which the South region came 5th out of 20 teams. There was another race on day 2 race of just over 40 miles, and Nathaniel came 24th out of 80. Day three was a very hilly course (on very poor road surfaces) and he came 50th. Overall, he came 44th in the competition. If this wasn’t enough he followed this up with a trip to Majorca with his father, Richard, for a week to find some really big hills.

Nathaniel’s mother adds: “We’re really proud of him, and we hope that he will get another opportunity to go next year. Being that year older, he should be stronger again.”

Nathaniel is pictured above on the left, he is the rider in grey and black with South written on his shoulders.