​River Wye Expedition

Whilst some of us are enjoying rest and relaxation over the holidays, three intrepid Clayesmore cadets Will, Abi and Seb​ decided to take a rather different opportunity. A CCF Expedition and British Canoe Union 3* course down the River Wye with over a dozen cadets mustered in Portsmouth and carried out a couple of days administration and training before setting of for the Wye Valley. After fighting through the traffic they eventually arrived in Hereford to begin their descent of the River Wye. 

The cadets paddled Canadian style canoes tandem and solo and were instructed on techniques and paddle skills along the route. They encountered beautiful sights and wildlife not accessible from anywhere but on the river and mastered paddle skills required to get them through fast flowing water and rapids. ​Night times were spent under canvas (a first for some) camping next to the river and close to their beloved boats. All equipment required for paddling, safety and camping were carried with them in the canoes. Mr Rockett from the Clayesmore CCF joined the group for a night under the stars and a day’s paddling to ensure all was in good order and morale was high. 

A big thank you goes to the Royal Navy CCF team for an exciting and adventurous week on the river.