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Madeleine: an astonishing Old Clayesmorian

published in April 2017

We have heard from the understandably proud mother of prodigious OC and former Head Girl, Madeleine Bailey (Wolverton, 2003 - 2008), already successful at just 27 as Head of Spanish at Bishop’s Stortford College.

Clearly not one to rest on her laurels or allow herself too comfortable an existence when faced with human suffering, and inspired by time she spent at “The Jungle” camp in Calais, Madeleine has now left her post to help in the setting up of a school for Syrian children in Greece.

The school is being set up on behalf of The Schoolbox Project, so-called because the volunteers work out of converted shipping containers which can be moved from site to site, as required and at short notice. Madeleine will be working in tandem with psychologists, neuroscientists and other professionals to create an environment where these children, who have come through great trauma, may flourish.

We look forward to hearing of her progress as her work continues. Do click on the links to learn more and/or make a donation.