Welcome to the Senior School

  • Hampers & Champers

    Wednesday 29 June 2016 7pm on the south lawn

  • Art & Photography Exhibition

    From Tuesday 28 June 6pm in the de Selincourt Room

Clayesmore is an extraordinarily special place and I hope that you will quickly form a strong first impression of the friendly, happy and exciting atmosphere that pervades the school.

I see new parents here several times a day, almost every day. They come back to my study after their tour with some of our boys or girls and tell me that Clayesmore is different. They sense it in the relationships they see around the school as the staff and pupils go about their daily lives. They sense a happy, relaxed atmosphere, wrought through with friendliness and friendship, smiles and good humour – and it’s exactly what they’re looking for. They’re excited to have discovered Clayesmore and I am frequently excited to think that their son or daughter might come and join us and play their part in our future.

Every boy and girl in Clayesmore matters to me hugely and I am passionate about what I do – about Clayesmore itself, of course, but I am also passionate about helping every single pupil who comes here to discover the excitement and the joy of learning; passionate about ensuring we draw out their strengths, their talents and their gifts in whatever field they might be found; and, above all, through the ups and downs of young adulthood I am passionate about nurturing them so they have the very best opportunities we can provide to prepare them for adult life.

I hope you’ll come and see us soon. I shall look forward to hearing about your family and to telling you more about what this lovely school can offer them.

Martin Cooke, Headmaster

Senior School News

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